Hemo-De which is derived from
(d-Limonene) is an effective solvent and cleaning agent for histology, cytology and parasitology laboratory use.

It is the result of a research effort by
Scientific Safety Solvents to develop a
non-combustible, less toxic solvent to
replace xylene, thereby reducing occupational hazards.
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Photo Prod.

1 Gallon (3.785L)
Plastic Bottle


4 x 1 Gallon
Bottles (15.2L)


55 Gallon
Steel Drum

( Photo Coming) HD-150E

250 ML
Plastic Bottle

( Photo Coming) HD-150F

500 ML
Plastic Bottle


1 Litre
Plastic Bottle



Product Application:

  • Hemo-de is a superior solvent and cleaning agent that can be used in all tissue processing, deparaffinizing and diagnostic slide preparation.

  • Hemo-de can be used in cytology as a clearing agent and solvent.

  • Hemo-de may also be used in procedures in hematology and microbiology that are currently using xylene.

  • Hemo-de, like xylene, is a soluble with absolute alcohol and mounting media.

Advantages of Hemo-De over xylene-

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-Combustible
  • Does not contain benzene
  • Low toxicity levels
  • minimal tissue shrinkage
  • pleasant citrus fragrance
Technical Data:

Appearance Clear to Colorless Liquid
Odor Slight Citrus Odor
PH 4.24
Boiling Point @760 mmHg 349°F (176°C)
Freezing Point -74°C
Vapor Pressure
4.7mm @ 25°C
Vapor Density (Air=1) 4.69
Specific Gravity (H2O= 1) .8400 @ 20°C
Solubility with Water Insoluble
Evaporation Rate 1% Maximum
Viscosity 3.5 Centipoises @ 25°C


Hemo-De Material Safety Data Sheet


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