Features and Benfits of Hemo-De

Advantages of Hemo-De over xylene

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-Combustible
  • Does not contain benzene
  • Low toxicity levels
  • Minimal tissue shrinkage
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance

Physical & Chemical Properties

  • Clear to Colorless Liquid
  • Slight Citrus Fragrance
  • Boiling Point @ 760 mmHg is 349°F (176°C)
  • Freezing Point is -101.2°F (-74°C)
  • Vapor Pressure (mmHg)  is 4.7mm @ 25°C
  •  Vapor Density 4.69
  • Specific Gravety .8400 @ 20°C
  • Flash Point 121°F (49.4°C)
  • Insoluble in Water
  • 1% Maximum Evaporation Rate
  • Viscosity 3.5 Centipoises @ 25°C    

Where to Use Hemo-De

  • Hemo-De is an excellent solvent and clearing agent.  It can be used in all tissue processing, deparaffinizing and diagnostic slide preparation.
  • In cytology it can be used as a clearing agent and solvent.
  • Procedures currently using xylene in hematology and microbiology can replace the xylene with Hemo-De.
  • Hemo-De is soluble with absolute alcohol and mounting media.
  •  Hemo-De was found to be an excellent replacement for ethyl-acetate, carbol-xylene and xylene. 
  • In the Trichrome staining procedure Hemo-De helps remove residual background stain and water that can interfere with interpreting the stain.
  • Hemo-De can be used to dissolve gutta-purcha in a variety of endodontic procedures

Other uses for Hemo-De (Safe-T-Solv)

  • Safe-T Solv has been formulated to replace the highly toxic petroleum solvents commenly used for industrial and institutional applications.  The pleasant orange fragrance is a non-toxic and non-corrosive solvent, and generally regarded as safe for food use by the FDA.
  • Safe-T-Solv has excellent dissolving power which makes it an ideal cold spray for many types of equipment.
  • Safe to use on metal parts such as automotive and  aircraft parts, communications and electronic equipment, Laboratory and food equipment , electroplating systems and many other applications.